Entering the New Year with a Bang

So I only just figured out why Mayday was opening the New Year’s show this year, rather than bringing the house down at the end: they were playing a few opening numbers by Taipei City Hall, then racing off to Taipei Arena for the sixth in the string of seven concerts kicking off this new tour.

I missed it all, but it might not be the end of the world: there are now a string of reports about the toll that the string of consecutive concerts has taken on Ashin’s poor, overworked voice. Last week he was apparently suffering from a violent cold, which had him sliding a bit off key on occasion (more than usual, I think. Ashin is notoriously – some would say “lovably” – prone to these little mishaps). He spent the break in between concerts more or less sleeping (which also doesn’t sound like that much of a departure from his usual habits), and was coming back ready to go. Part of the problem, apparently, is Ashin’s stubborn refusal to lower the key of any of the more tricky songs (because “lowering the key is not rock and roll!”, which means the high notes can get a bit crackly.

So now, with this evening’s double performance, there are already reports of him sounding a bit off on “You’re Not Truly Happy.” Still, the fans didn’t seem to mind, and not even the slightly higher New Year’s ticket prices kept them away. Also in the audience this evening was some family members of the band, including, I believe, the 90-year-old grandfather of Ashin. That’s not half bad – 90 and going to rock concerts. My 94-year-old grandmother is still a pretty formidable Scrabble opponent, but I can’t quite see her willingly heading to a huge concert. Though she has surprised me before….

Anyway, happy new year! See ya on the other side… (no, really. I promise this time….)

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10 Responses to Entering the New Year with a Bang

  1. LT says:

    Happy New Year! Nice to see you back :)

    Have been completely missing Mayday news for awhile now but am diligently catching up and waiting for some downtime to listen to their new album properly.

    Looks like they’re coming back for a concert this year too. Anyone else got plans to hop on Noah’s Ark? 😛

  2. 宛貝琪 says:

    The concert was, in my opinion, phenomenal. I won’t attempt to deny that he got a bit pitchy here and there, but I somehow doubt that most people who attend a Mayday concert mind… That being said, it lasted appropriately long, most of my personal favorite songs were performed (which immediately earns them an A+), and the concert theme was adhered to without being overbearing. Again, this is all my personal opinion, but I had a blast, even though I am rarely the type to stay awake past midnight of my own volition (23 going on 80).

    Now I’m just disappointed I didn’t see his grandfather!

  3. Steve says:

    I just checked out the new album on YesAsia, and maybe I’m just getting old, but I’m REALLY confused. How can they release five different version of the same album? Is there any difference among these versions other than the song order and the dolls?


  4. Merry says:

    I *think* it’s just the song order, which version of OAOA (and which short intro to OAOA) you get, and the pictures in the liners. I think. There’s always a million versions on YesAsia with the Taiwan/Hong Kong/Overseas/Preorder etc. editions, but I think the dual release doesn’t have that much of a distinction. ‘Course, I’m not even sure which one I ordered, so you may not want to take my word for it….

  5. ZhengX says:

    Another difference is that the ‘No Where’ version has a bonus track.

  6. Merry says:

    Oh… I thought they both had the bonus track. The Chinese Wikipedia article implied as much, and we all know that Wikipedia is unimpeachable! 😛

  7. ZhengX says:

    Whoops, look like I was mistaken. Haha. Sorry. You were right.

  8. gENE says:

    Meredith, Happy New Year to you! I have not been by for sometime and believe this is my first comment, but I did email you some years back just to say thank you for this site, and I am repeating my gratitude again. You’re doing a fantastic job, 加油!

  9. Tango0102 says:

    Hey,Merry!What a surprise to find your website.I couldn’t believe you’ve kept doing this work for more than three years.but I believe you really enjoy it.haha~
    something about me:
    well, I am a totally new fan of Mayday. I just couldn’t help falling into their music when I heard the lyrics of OAOA.This happened last October.
    Although I’ve heard them a lot before,this time they caught my heart.
    the coincidence is I chose to try translate their songs as the same purpose as yours.now I’ve done the “salted fish””stubborn” “OAOA””stary night”and “adventurous”.
    the problem is everytime I finished one song I try to invite a foreign friend to edit my lyrics to make them more like English, more understandable and more poetic.but they just doesn’t look that interested in it.
    so I though the better way is find someone who both are a native speaker and love music or even Mayday.
    And then how amazing!!!! I just find you.
    haha ,but you’ve already done most of the job.
    but if you like,I still like to offer my version, and we can talk to make the lyrics more acurate and vivid.there’s still so different when I checked your version of “stubborn and salted fish”.
    I’d really like to talk with you.
    looking forward to your reply.

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