Jump! Translations Cont.

I’ve put up a translation for the last of the new songs, “Going Crazy (抓狂),” on this page. I’m not wild about that English title – it doesn’t seem strong enough – but I’ve tried a few other phrases in the song and didn’t like them. So, I’m just posting it and reserving the right to change my mind about it later.

The song starts out with the line, “I want to fly, but you’re like a high wall that has entombed my dreams,” which is a smack-in-the-face reminder of just how good Ashin can be with imagery. It gets better from there. The music, by Monster, was also a big hit with me – I’m quite happy with this song.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you can here (use Internet Explorer).

At some point in the none-too-distant future, I’ll put up the whole tracklisting for the Jump! The World album with links to the respective translations… probably by the weekend. I’m not quite sure I understand yet what track 3 is – an instrumental? A cover? (I don’t have the album yet myself.) I’ll have to look into that.

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  1. serendipity says:

    track 3 is mostly instrumental but with some..uh..vocalizing done by a female voice and it ends with a few notes of the beginning of “going crazy” :]

    and after reading your translations, i’m loving the song even more! i like the beat esp when it gets to “what do you want” part ! and this song makes up for the sweetness overdose of “elope to the moon”

  2. Queenzie says:

    Hi there! I’ve been following your blog closely! Thx for all the updates!! =)

    By the way, moi frens and I were there at the Singapore concert and the first (rock section) and last concert (seating area) in Taipei as well!

    Other than what B and Papermoonxie have penned, yesh.. Ashin was acting ‘bad boy’ (A-mei was actually teasing him before the song and asking the audience if he’s always so shy) and he was dancing to the song with A-mei.. uhm.. he did looked really uneasy and moi friends and I were going ‘poor guy’… but at least HE TRIED!!!

    There were some funny, touching and memorable moments on the 3rd night as well (Penning those that I can think of off-hand):

    1. Masa and Stone hugging one another ‘in tears’ when the audience’s L.O.V.E was not loud enough; On the first night, all of them ‘fainted’ on the stage at L.O.V.E and the funny part was Guan You – he got out from his drums, sorta sat and lie down slowly all by himself… (all I can say is these guys can really act!);

    2. The stadium becoming a classroom and we were the students; Monster was the class monitor and Ashin was the teacher – Monster asked all the students to stand up and greet the teacher and sit down, and Ashin went.. ‘Eh.. The class monitor asked all of you to sit but the teacher did not..’ and he had all of us scrambled to stand up again! Ha!

    3. The speech they made while they were on the lowered stage and singing ‘garbage truck’ without any instruments;

    4. They hushed the crowd towards the end and the stadium went silent and they got together to yell ‘Wu Yue Tian Ai Ni Men’.. Quote from moi fren’s blog – ‘For that moment, it’s as if we are their idols and they’re our fans, cheering us on’;

    5. The 2nd Encore! They came out with the techno song in their latest album as the background and were wearing white gloves and dancing to the music.. It was really an awesome and beautiful sight when they went to the rock circle and all the fans had their hands stretch out to touch them and them touching the hands of the fans.

    Moi frens and I are still suffering from the aftermath and wish we did not have to come back at all..

    Side note.. Ding Dang was actually the opening act for both the first and last night and i believe for the second night as well.. You will understand what Track 3 is all about when you’re at the Toronto Concert!!!

    Have Fun! and I am very sure you will! =)

  3. Joanna says:

    抓狂 translation- i think what it meant here is he is ‘ready to fight’. Someone has entice him so badly that he is ready to fight back. I was thinking of using ‘going nuts’ but seems like it doesn’t translate 100% of what Ahshin’s trying to say.

  4. Merry says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m not all that thrilled with “going crazy” myself. I was playing around with some variant on “going mad” or “giving in to the madness,” but the latter is a bit clunky and the former felt unclear in the context of the translation, if you read from the point of view of someone who doesn’t understand the Chinese. I’m still thinking about it, and certainly open to suggestions!

  5. Joanna says:

    I don’t think we can translate the meaning word by word here. ‘Going crazy’ or ‘madness’ do not reflect the true meaning of 抓狂.

    抓狂 happens when someone tries to bully you but you try to keep it cool. Yet the person does not back off and at one point, you can’t stand it anymore and you lost the control of your emotion and become very angry and want to fight back.

    What will be the adjective of this emotion/ feeling?

  6. anonymousnoises says:

    Your “Paradise” translation is really close to the one I posted on my blog (as a time limited entry) for a kid of mine who left the country for San Fran!

  7. Merry says:

    Well, you know what they say, great minds and all that… I think with that song, there’s really only so many directions you can go with the lyrics, so all translations are going to be a bit similar.

  8. wenning says:

    2. The stadium becoming a classroom and we were the students; Monster was the class monitor and Ashin was the teacher – Monster asked all the students to stand up and greet the teacher and sit down, and Ashin went.. ‘Eh.. The class monitor asked all of you to sit but the teacher did not..’ and he had all of us scrambled to stand up again! Ha!

    I don’t know if I interpreted it wrongly but during that point quite of those from the back of Rock A and B squeezed to the front and those originally in the first few rows were pushed away from their places. Ashin looked at us then said can you all sit down. I thought it was a really nice gesture and a good way to get those pple to go back. I was getting quite pissed at those pple who squeezed into the front and pushed us.

  9. wenning says:

    Oh, and after the last encore, some ppl in the first row of Rock B use water pistols to shoot them. May Day then sprayed water from their bottles from the stage. We got wet but it was great fun.

  10. b says:

    egad! queenzie- u went for the 2 of their taipei concerts?? wished was there for the 3rd nite as well! cos its their last nite and they will certainly go all out.. you and wenning sound like you had a really fun time! sighs.. oh well… the 1st taipei concert was really good fun as well :)

    anyhows.. just a totally random note: does anyone realise that when ashin sings Beyond’s “Paradise” – he doesn’t pronounce the “s” at all in “paradise?.. its.. “oh, para, paradi-ahhhhh”..!

    and i went to 2 concerts (paradise as the encore), replayed the jump! cd countless times.. and only realised that yesterday… hehe..ok.. end of useless facts and back to work..!

  11. wenning says:

    Yes… Masa could give him some ‘S’es, he had too many when he sang Yellow XD

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