Guanyou stages a coup

Perhaps he’s been taking all those revolutionary ideals a bit too much to heart, but last Saturday at a fan meet-up/Guanyou birthday celebration, the seemingly quiet drummer took over as lead singer, forcing Ashin to a background place at the drums:

drummer coup d'etat

You see Ashin? You reap what you sow.

Actually, the whole adventure seems to be part of Mayday’s endless efforts to amuse their fans. Over the course of the event (sponsored by the Liberty Times), Masa played some piano and Monster, bass; Guanyou also tried his hand at some “piano bar” style keyboarding (hmm, could that have gone well?). Stone was missing, though, as he was/is still in the U.S. working on what this article called an English album for Victor Wong. (I wonder if it is an English album, or just some English tracks, or if that bit is just a misunderstanding? I’ll have to keep an eye on that one.) The guys have a lot to celebrate, with the success of the Taipei concerts, the fact that their Jump! album is selling well, and (of course) that Guanyou is another year older.

You can see a short clip of Guanyou’s performance (and hear Ashin actually do pretty well on the drums) here. If you look closely at this video, you’ll notice that Monster continues to make poor choices with regard to his sideburns. As a part of the same event, two favorite Mayday roadies did a sorta camp, sorta scary version of “Elope to the Moon,” and the video for that is here. Be warned: that video is *really* not for the faint of heart. [Thanks to Jennifer for the tip on this one!]

In semi-related news, but of the sort of genuine interest to no one but me, I have finally received my Toronto Jump! tickets. This means that I have stopped pouting and saying bitter things about the Canadian postal service (only fair, as the delay appears actually to have been on the U.S. side of the border). I have so much to do in the next few weeks, though, that I doubt I’ll have trouble waiting patiently for August 24th. Well, not much, anyway.

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  1. serendipity says:

    oh yeah i saw those clips and reactions ranged from xD –> O.O, so basically i laughed and then fell into mild shock before laughing again ! shijie is hilarious and finally heard monster sing for a long period of time!

  2. Jennifer says:

    hey… one more link to video view during the event


  3. bedwetter says:

    Congrats on coming to Toronto for the concert… too bad you’ll miss the autograph session…

    So, is there any news regarding Special Guest(s) opening up for them?
    I’m hoping another Taiwanese band (since the concert IS in conjunction with a festival celebrating Taiwanese culture).

    Btw, any chance you’ll have an idea what the set list will be?

    五月天 is coming to T-Dot!

  4. Merry says:

    Thanks, I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about the city of Toronto lately, actually. I’m looking forward to going.

    There has not been anything yet about a special guest, and I’d guess they don’t plan to have one. I’d love to see another Taiwanese band come… but being increasingly savvy businessmen, Mayday would most likely bring Champion if they had the choice, and I could do without that, to be honest. But it does look like there will be some other Taiwan-related music at the festival. (On the culinary side, the website is plays up the beef noodles, but I’m not a big fan of beef… I’m dying for some stinky tofu.)

    As for the set list, I can’t imagine they’ll release it, but I can make an educated guess based on all the news of the other Jump! concerts. They’ve been opening with Camouflage and closing with Paradise/Stubborn. There’s been a section in the middle with all their “people” songs: John Lennon, Armstrong, Sun Wu Kong, Motorcycle Diaries. Masa plays The Most Important Trivial Matter (he’s also been doing a song in the local language everywhere they’ve been). Born to Love and Angel are sure things off of the new album, and I’d imagine Another First Love is as well. The guaranteed classics are Tenderness, Embrace, Motor Rock, and Peter and Mary… Also on the very likely list: Fool, I Love You Hopeless, Nobody Else in My Heart.

    That’s my bet, anyway. Still no resident bookie to make it official, but betting is illegal in DC anyway.

  5. MiniBee says:

    I m going to Mayday’s concert tomolo….so excited…>

  6. Steve says:

    Oh, be sure to give us spoiler warnings, everyone! I want as many surprises as possible at the concert!

  7. wenning says:

    Steve, Masa will definitely give you a surprise with his choice of solo hehehe. Just don’t be too hard on him pronounciation wise

  8. Merry says:

    is that… are you… Wenning, are you using your insider knowledge to *tease* us poor, unfortunate, long-devoted-but-rarely-rewarded North American Mayday fans?

    (And does your insider knowledge of Masa’s plans apply to Toronto?)

  9. wenning says:

    I don’t have insider knowledge but I can make calculated guesses. You will defnitely be rewarded, May Day loves us all right? (I think) Masa has a large number of songs that he can sing, but we all know his taste right?

  10. Merry says:

    Wenning, are you *sure* Mayday loves us all equally? Because I’m experiencing some doubt.

    Honestly, though, Masa could sing “The Farmer and the Dell” and I’d enjoy it. And his English has always impressed me… my Chinese pronunciation is too embarrassing for me to go pointing fingers at how other people speak English…

  11. wenning says:

    Well, some of these things, they were decided by the promoters etc not just the band themselves. I’m sure they probably can’t love everyone equally but as least a wee bit? My friends are going LA and Vancouver, I’m so jealous… they get to visit LucasFilm as one of my friends knows someone working in there. Star Wars *jealous*

  12. Princess Leia aka Ketchupy says:

    Me is going with two charsiew buns on my head!!! 😛

    Hi Merry, would u be kind enough to recommend some places of interest in Toronto? We would be staying at St Claire Hostel.

    Aside from picking up maple leaves, I have little knowledge of Canada…..

    Would be going to LA (Disneyland!)/Vegas/San Frans/Toronto…..:)

    See you at the concert!!!!

  13. bedwetter says:

    Thanks for the song choices… I found the HK setlist:

    I hope everyone enjoy Toronto…

    I was looking in one of your lyrics for “闖 Charge”; you’re right about “闖”, which means to rush or to charge. It also could simply be: “to do it”, “to venture in”, or “to enter”…

  14. Merry says:

    Actually, “Princess Leia” ( :) ), I’ve never been to Toronto either… but I’ll try putting up a post soliciting travel advice and maybe if we’re lucky, someone will respond.

    As for bedwetter, yeah, I know. 闖 is on my list of problematic translations. (Okay, so I don’t have an *actual* list, but I do have a mental list of translations that need adjusting.) It really has to be one word to fit in the song, though, and “charge” was the best I could do… maybe I should add to the notes about the other meanings/uses. But if you have any suggestions for alternate translations, please let me know!

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