Definitely a rock band.

That was probably the best time I’ve ever had at a concert, and I have been to many. Many, many, many. But wow, that was fantastic. They started on time (practically unheard of in the world of North American rock concerts, what with the egos and the dodgy opening acts) and performed for about two and a half hours. I count 25 songs that they sang, but I suppose I could have missed one or two. (Maybe. But I think I’ve got them all in the list below, though definitely not in order.) Ashin is right that no one hearing them live could think they aren’t really a rock band.

I know people always claim that performers were looking at them, but honestly, I think they noticed us. Because we were kinda obvious, in the third row – maybe eight or nine feet away from them on stage – and we were dancing, grinning… I was singing along… and we’re not Chinese, so although we were not the only non-Chinese people there, we were definitely the only ones down in front. We goofed on the stage right/stage left thing so Stone was right in front of us – though I am sure he was smiling at us. Or maybe laughing at us. But still…. (You can believe me on this, or you can humor me. These are your only two options.) We’re convinced Ashin and Monster noticed us as well – though I have no idea if Monster actually realized I was the random person who caught him off guard in front of his hotel in the afternoon. The only reason I care is because I think it is good for them to remember every now and then that not *all* of their devoted fans are Chinese. 😉

My only critique is that I don’t think they said anything in English all night. Masa sang a Taiwanese song, “我沒醉” – but nothing in English. (I absolutely did not recognize that, but I asked the girl next to me, who then was shocked to discover I spoke Mandarin. That can’t be that strange an ability at a Mayday concert, could it?) I was very busy translating all their commentary for Mom, but there were some jokes I just missed (too loud, too fast, etc. etc.). I tried. But c’mon, guys… it’s Canada. You can see that not all your fans are Chinese… throw us a bone, would you?

Ashin seemed almost giddy. He would try to be all serious, then he would start to grin and quickly turn around. (And he was right there… it was surreal, after all these years, to have them right in front of me.) Then he’d look out at the crowd and grin again. The concert venue looked out onto the lake, and Stone (I think) said something about how he could see people standing in the back and he hoped the next time they came they’d be standing all the way back as far as the eye could see; Ashin later joked that if that was the case, they’d be standing in the lake. We’ve been noticing that Ashin seems happy lately, and whatever it is, it has poured into his performance. He sang well (with the exception of one verse of “Contentment,” in which I think he might have been in a completely different key from the rest of the band), and I noticed a few flubbed lyrics, (he sang, “我跟別人不樣” instead of “我跟世界不一樣” on “Stubborn (倔強);” I’m not positive it wasn’t intentional, except he grinned right afterwards, making me think that he realized he flubbed the lyrics).

Mom was impressed by how many people were singing along with the band; I think she thought in Toronto maybe people would not know all the words, just have a general idea of the music. (I was surprised to learn that I can’t sing “Motor Rock” at all. I really thought that by now some of the Taiwanese lyrics – though unfamiliar – would have sunk in. I guess I’ll have to study up before my next Mayday concert.) Note to people attending future concerts: I am now convinced that “Another First Love (我又初戀了)” was created for twisting. I twisted my way through each chorus and had a lovely time doing so. I influenced others around me to join in. Highly recommended.

I quite approve of this tour’s costuming choices, and my, but Ashin really is looking svelte these days. He kept turning his back to the audience, and we really didn’t suffer for it. (Heh.) Two minor issues: Stone was sporting the headband (sigh) and Ashin’s jeans in the second half had denim suspenders. They dangled – they were not pulled over his shoulders at all – but still. Nix the suspenders and the jeans would be all “hubba, hubba.” Include them and it’s a bit, “80s dance party.” But that’s a minor issue, and I managed to block out both suspenders and headband, for the most part.

Songs they sang (yeah, in no particular order… I was too busy dancing to take notes, but I think this is all of them… don’t click if you don’t want to know):

Armor/Camouflage 武裝
When the wind blows 風若吹
Perfume 香水
People Life Ocean Wild 人生海海
Tenderness 溫柔 還你自由版
Embrace 擁抱
I love You, hopeless I love you, 無望
Contentment 知足
Love-ing 戀愛ing
Let it out 透露
Peter and Mary 志明與春嬌
Motor Rock 軋車
World Crazy 瘋狂世界
Loneliness Terminator 終結孤單
Masquerade 雌雄同體
Good Night Earthlings 晚安地球人
Garbage Truck Friends Version 垃圾車 朋友版
Angel 天使
Born to Love 為愛而生
Another First Love 我又初戀了
I’m not drunk 我沒醉
The Most Important Trivial Matter 最重要的小事
Jump 離開地球表面
Fool 憨人
Paradise/Stubborn Paradise/倔強

Seriously, that was fantastic. I was wishing I could go again… but I really can’t. (*sob*) I was also wishing I could attend an autograph session (just to have the chance to say hello in a planned, not caught-totally-off-guard, quickly saying the first thing that popped into my head kinda way), but maybe next time. I can’t help but think that the next time they are touring, I’ll plan to find a way to go see them in Taiwan just for the contrast.

To sum up: wow. Just wow. I’m glad to learn (finally!) that they are absolutely, completely worth every bit of the effort 😀

Update: I’ve corrected the Chinese typos (heh, I cannot be counted on to type correctly in Chinese after a concert!), thanks TT for letting me know!

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