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We’re still conducting a poll on the need for a “Mayday Fans in the Americas” site here.

Discussion on the Toronto and L.A. stops on this year’s North American tour continues unabated here. [FYI, I’m linking the news/discussion of each concert on my master schedule page here, so once the entry has been pushed down by later news, it is still available under the “Jump! The World Tour 2007” page linked on the right.]

I’m looking forward to hearing about Vancouver tonight; remember, if anyone wants to “guest blog” a review, email me. Otherwise, please do come by and let us know how it was! (And what language Masa sang in…)

Update: Random Leon reports from Vancouver in the comments!

Update2: Also in the comments, discussion of a 2003 article on Ashin’s top ten Chinese Albums (Linda kindly put in links to the original essay and sound samples of the albums… she also points out that Wu Bai’s album is in Taiwanese, so this is a list of favorite Chinese, not Mandarin, albums).

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  1. linda says:


    some links for your reference… ^^

    the news about Mayday’s Press Conference in Vancouver

    Ashin’s interview by chinatimes weekly magazine,3816,1702,00.html

    And the beauty writer “Cheng Ing Su” mentioned on Ashin’s interview, here’s the article of her review for Taipei Jump concert

  2. linda says:

    sorry, correct the url of Ashin’s interview….,3813,170204+96082430+0,00.html

    and for any visitor here, the password for my website is “twmd”. ^^

  3. random leon says:

    just came back from the vancouver concert!!!! wow, i must say all of my wildest expectations have been thoroughly satisfied. now that i’ve had my first taste of a mayday concert, i can’t wait for my next one! i hope it’s true what they say about coming back to north america every year from now on.

    i am more than likely going to ramble, so i don’t wanna make this into a review, but a few notes about the concert:

    masha decided to sing 愛情釀的酒. i’m not very familiar with this song… i don’t even know who sang it, but my girlfriend tells me it’s a classic in taiwan. and a lot of ppl seemed to be singing along with it. so maybe it IS a taiwanfest thing with toronto and vancouver.

    all the members of mayday seemed to have a lot to say about vancouver. apparently, vancouver is where they recorded their first album in 1999, and it holds a special place in their memory. they said some typically touching words about vancouver being like their “home” and telling us to wait for them and welcome them home the next time they visit vancouver. needless to say, i am more than willing to oblige.

    the concert itself clocked in at almost exactly 2.5 hours, and the song-list is pretty much identical to the toronto/LA ones (except masha’s solo). for their individual instrumental display, guai shou pulled off this thing where he’s picking away on his guitar then flips the guitar over his shoulder to the back of his neck and keeps solo-ing without missing a beat and brings it back front again. as i am no guitarist, i have no idea of the degree of difficulty of this act, but it was definitely a sight and just one example of the band’s superb showmanship. they’re just so charismatic and their energy and passion rubs off on you.

    i was able to stand very close to the stage so i didn’t really pay attention to the rest of the venue, but it felt to me like vancouver was really into it from the get-go. in fact, we were so pumped we sang along and cheered to the documentary thingy that played on the screen prior to the concert. imagine our excitement then, when the non-pixel version of the band took the stage. as mentioned in some other concert reports, the crowd really started to heat up around 雌雄同體 and hit their stride with 阿姆斯壯 and 約翰藍儂. from then on everyone maintained a high level of highness till the end. i was standing and jumping and glow-sticking for 2.5 hours but was oblivious to any physical strains until the moment i started walking toward the exit. all in all, it was an amazing experience and i feel blessed to be a mayday fan. they really do make it worthwhile. (i knew i was going to ramble)

  4. linda says:


    I just knew there’s no bonus song except“The Most Important Trivial Thing”for Masa’s solo in Vancouver, he only sang one song…..^^

    By the way, I wonder if it’ll be good to post the article about “Mayday Fans in the Americas” in English on the forums of imayday & It seems that most visitors here also visit those 2 sites sometimes, maybe there’re more fans who will like this plan but they don’t know how to get here. I want to help, but my English is poor & I don’t know if you guys think it’s necessary for postint on those 2 forums. Anyway, wish the good plan will come true asap & your efforts is admired so much.

  5. linda says:

    愛情釀的酒?! Oh! I love this song.

    well, sorry for my wrong information, now I believe my news source – they must be not devoted Mayday fans, so they didn’t be able to distinguish if there’s the plus song immediately next by“The Most Important Trivial Thing”.

    It’s so weird….why didn’t I see random leon’s msg before & after my last msg???

    Btw, Merry, do u know facebook?
    There’s a group of Mayday(or maybe 2 or more….in English & Chinese name), and probably some or many Mayday Fans in the Americas are there.

  6. Merry says:

    That’s the anti-spam software again. I know it is a bit annoying, but just in the last few months it has stopped around 20,000 spam comments from going through… so it is worth the annoyance of the occasional delayed comment not to be overwhelmed with nonsense messages or advertisements.

    Mayday covered “Wine Brewed by Love (愛情釀的酒)” at a concert in Taiwan years ago… (translation here.) But it’s in Mandarin, not Taiwanese, isn’t it? I’m not sure if that proves or disproves my TaiwanFest theory.

    You know, it’s funny you should mention Facebook. My (older!) sister is a bit obsessed with it at the moment, and she was trying to teach me how to use it (she has formed her own little Leehom group and forced me into it… I think we’re the only two members). We both graduated from college before it existed (it’s not that old, after all), and I admit that I don’t really understand it. But you’re right that it might be a good way to find more interest in the Mayday Americas site.

  7. janie says:

    -random leon-

    Monster did that guitar-behind-the-head at the LA concert too! i believe it was during his solo in “軋車.” glad you enjoyed the concert. i’ve been suffering from 五月天 concert withdrawal ever since last sunday. (>.

  8. cindy says:

    hehe~he did that guitar behind the head thing in Toronto as well!! It must be his thing. Very impressive!

    Yes, im suffering from the Post Mayday concert Syndrome as well. My friends and I had a whole mini Mayday concert of our own at karaoke awhile afterwards.

    Next time they are coming to North America, I’m going to eat bread and water for three months and then follow them on tour.

  9. serendipity says:

    i’m still pumped to be honest. i think now that i knew what to expect i actually was more prepared and ready to jump at first beat. i was next to this older couple and they shot me this weird look at first but then i smiled brightly and just rocked on with the music. i recognized the song too from their concert dvd :]

    while i LOVED monster’s solo i rather found myself looking forward to masa’s lol xD and the thing was whenever i watched dvd of final home, masa seemed EXTRA fast but i realized that that wasnt the truth lol. my chinese however still isnt that great lol so i managed with great effort to understand what they were saying. goshhh they looked even BETTER than i remembered! and i managed to get my poster of them signed :] i didnt really know what to do..i kept smiling like a huge doofus that i am. but i did say hi xD and must say they didnt look tired at all. ashin’s eyes were round and when he smiled i thought i was going to melt. even worse when monster chuckled cos i was wearing a green tshirt that read “saving the world one song at a time” with a robot playing the guitar…i was like..” you want me shirt?!” but i said it in english x.x doubt he understood

    by the way i forgot to add in my prior comment, if you need ANY help at all with the new website, i’d be glad to help :] my graphics arent good at all but i guess if a forum is being planned..i can help moderate or anything like that :] just email me!

  10. Steve says:

    I *love* Ai Qing Niang de Jiu! Whose song is it originally, by the way?

    Mayday also did the soundtrack for a movie set in Vancouver, Migratory Bird……

  11. linda says:


    “Ai Qing Niang de Jiu” is “Red Ant(紅螞蟻)” band’s song, and their vocalist was “Ro Hong Wu(羅紘武)”.

    Ro is one of Masa’s idols, and Ro’s only one solo album (in 1989, 3 years after Red Ant disbanded due to army service) is one of Ashin’t top 10 albums.

    About Red Ant & Ro Hong Wu, if you’re interested, here are some webpages I’ve ever studied, but they’re all in Chinese, sorry…

    Btw you can try listening Ro’s original Ai Qing Niang de Jiu(from Red Ant’s 1st album in 1985), this’s absolutely the best version no matter this beautiful popular song has been sung by so many other singers later, including Ashin.

    And this song is the best one in Ro’s solo album.

    Red Ant’s 1st album —
    Ro’s only one album —

  12. random leon says:

    linda, do you by any chance know the rest of ashin’s top10 albums list?

  13. linda says:

    sorry, i didn’t point out that Ro’s album was one of his top 10 Chinese music album.

    can u read Chinese? i can’t translate ashin’s post which he talked about why he choose those albums, sorry! But that was an old article he wrote in 2003, maybe he has new top 10 now.

  14. Merry says:

    1. The best of Lo Ta-yu/Lo Ta-yu

    2. Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird/Wu Bai and China Blue

    3. Loners are Disgraceful/Zhang Chu

    4. Not abandoned (?) /Jonathan Lee (Li Zongsheng) [This is the guy who gave Ashin a guitar at their first mainland performance in Shanghai]

    5. Say yes, mean no (or “duplicity” – something like that)/Chang Yu-sheng

    6. (um…) Solid, Yielding Love/Ro Hong Wu

    7. Only Love Strangers/Wang Fei

    8. Eight Dimensions/Jay Chou [Ashin likes “The Tea Grandfather Makes,” but he wants the slow songs replaced with “Ninja” and “Nunchucks”]

    9. New Paradise/Lo Ta-yu, Jonathan Lee, Zhang Peiren, and Bobby Chen

    10. Everyday missing you/Chang Yu-sheng

  15. random leon says:

    that whole page is a pretty interesting read. thanks for the link!

    i never knew ashin held jay chou’s work in such high regard… i mean he even condensed lotayu into one album to make room for him (and some others, i suppose).

  16. linda says:

    Yes, you got it (that means you can read Chinese?).

    It’s quite obvious that ashin admires lotayu’s music pretty much, but he only picked the most classic one album instead, or there would hv been more lotayu’s albums occupied on his top 10 list.

    Ashin also admires jay’s music & his partner(方文山 Fan Wen Shan)’s lyrics. In Jay’s 3rd album, he especially liked 爺爺泡的茶. Though that album was his top 10, he prefered 忍者 & 雙截棍 (in Jay’s 2nd album) to the other ballads of the 3rd album. So you can figure out which style of jay’s music he really likes. ^^

  17. Steve says:

    Thanks for the links, Linda. Very curious to hear that original version. Do I need a login to get to things on that imusic? I couldn’t play any tracks by clicking on them and I didn’t see anything that looked like the title of Ai Qing Niang de Jiu.

    I got a Lo Ta-Yu album over in Taiwan because I’d heard he was Ashin’s favorite. I found it very strange, but often good. I’ll have to dig it up and get the title. Did Lo Ta-Yu play in a lot of different styles?

  18. Steve says:

    Ah, Windows and IE did the trick.

    Quite a different version of the song ….

  19. linda says:


    so you can listen those songs? that’s good!

    Yes, Lo Ta Yuo is highly respected in Chinese music field, cause he wrote so many great songs in Mandarin, Taiwanese & Cantonese. He should have been a doctor but he became a famous signer, that’s incredible in his age. He has multiple music styles, and even created music for a famous modern dancing group “Cloud Gate Dance Theatre” in Taiwan when he was very young. He grew up during the time when Taiwan was ever controlled by martial law, and his lyrics were concerned with politic, society, life, love…etc. topics which can deeply touch our hearts & souls. Even one of his old song is thought to be the 1st rap song in Chinese.

    I can’t make sure if he lives in China now, he almost disappears on the entertainment news for these years, but we still can see him on the anti-politics news sometimes.

  20. random leon says:

    thanks for all those links, linda!! yeah, there’s quite a few songs on luo dayou’s album that i recognize from my parents knowing how to sing them. but i think when they listened to the songs, they were covers done by mainland singers. especially 东方之珠 and 童年 are very recognizable tunes.

    and yeah, i can read chinese, but not so well. but i got the gist of what ashin was saying. the lyrics he quoted is very beautiful and sad.

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