Glad tidings

It’s being reported that Stone’s wife of four years, Gou-gou (狗狗), is pregnant with their first child. Coming on the heels of the revelation that Guanyou/Ming’s wife is also pregnant, this means that Mayday might need to build a nursery in their Taipei recording studio.

The article says that in spite of the news being revealed to the media by accident, before now Stone has been wary about annoucing it formally, given the “Chinese tradition” of not announcing a pregnancy before it reached the three-month mark. I hate to break it to them, but that’s not actually a uniquely Chinese custom – it’s standard practice all over (including here in the U.S.), because the greatest risk of miscarriage is in the first three months. Now there might be some traditional Chinese superstition behind this as well (if anyone knows, I’d love to hear about it), but there are also sound medical reasons for it.

Anyway, Stone has apparently been on the message boards talking about his excitement about becoming a father. In one message, he worried about his child being a little too much like him in his youth, and getting into trouble (thereby breaking his/her parents’ hearts). He also talked about being worried about pollution (er, okay – though Taipei has cleaned up alot in the last 10-15 years) – about whether there would be places for his child to fly a kite or swim. Then, he wondered if he’s worrying too much. (Honestly? Yes.)

An earlier article on the news, with a picture of the proud parents-to-be, is here. This one jokes that people had been teasing Guanyou about Mayday’s busy fall schedule, saying that it was all his doing, as he wanted to earn some extra money for when the baby comes. Of course, they never imagined that in fact, two wives of band members were expecting.

Congratulations to both Stone and Gou-gou and Guanyou and Xing-zhi. Now, the pool opens on how long it takes for Ashin, Monster, and Masa to settle down….

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