Ashin: Fahrenheit or Mayday. Choose.

[Aaah, I have *no* time for this today, but I laughed out loud when I saw the headline of Ashin’s latest blog entry this morning, and it being Monday, I thought others could use the laugh as well. This is the quickest and dirtiest, no-time-to-consult-a-dictionary style translation, so I apologize in advance for mistakes. You’ll get the gist of it, though. There are about a hundred good reasons why I should not post the pictures, but the whole entry doesn’t really work without them, so I’ll post them anyway with apologies to No2Good and a promise to take them down if so required.] [Edit: they disappeared, so I took out the links. Go to Ashin’s blog to see them.]

People who often read No2Good’s blog will have recently discovered an unforgivable sin. It’s true: No2Good followed up on [his work for] Peggy Hsu and Stephanie Sun, and has recently taken on another project.

Currently, while I’m busying writing songs and doing production work for a certain female singer with a two-character name, he has quietly and secretly completed a big project, something hurtful.

The evidence is irrefutable, come look!

What I really can’t forgive is that he has unexpectedly helped a “very Mayday-like” group [ed. HAH!] design a set of dolls and cartoons. It’s true: it’s CC Lemon yeah*4’s Fahrenheit!

Recently when I discussed our t-shirt work with No2Good, he unexpectedly showed impressive courage and brought out a set of undeniably elegant, prettily coiffed, handsome visaged Fahrenheit dolls for me to admire, and all I could say was:

” No2Good, between Fahrenheit and Mayday, you can only pick one!”

Fine. Teacher Chen, calm down, come and see whether the two sets of designs have any differences in style, after all, we all started out as art students. To approach this case, we need to be rational.

Mayday’s Ashin, hmmm, looks about as cool as the real guy.

Fahrenheit’s Jiro is clearly much more controversial. [ed. I love Ashin’s use of a diminutive for Fahrenheit, “Xiao Hai Hai (小海海)”]

Hmm, it seems there’s no need to get so mad.

Fine, having compared the two pictures above, it is obvious that No2Good is very courteous of Mayday, except for having written into the “Kill Mayday” comic book that all of Mayday is shot down, messed around, and never gets any Christmas presents.

So, everybody give a round of applause to No2Good, currently in Shenzhen personally supervising the production of the dolls, and everyone anticipate the arrival of his new products.

[Ashin, dearheart, all I can say is that you reap what you sow.]

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    haha, No2Good replied to Ashin’s post in his own blog:

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