I’m not actually obsessed with facial hair

It just *seems* that way sometimes. So, I was generally procrastinating from my real work by browsing some news (though on a side note, if anyone took U.S. history in college and didn’t hate their textbook, please let me know what it was…), and I came across a pic of Vanness Wu’s new facial hair (just to explain, I don’t listen to his music, but I’m not opposed to pictures of Vanness and never have been. This is not even my first commentary on his hair). Ignoring that picture, this is a better view:

Vanness bearded

I would like to go on record saying that I think it works. It would be a bit better, I think, with his hair dyed back to black, but it works. Moreover, it looks like what Leehom was going for last fall but didn’t quite achieve:

Leehom's peach fuzz

Sorry, but I’m still not sold. If he had waited quietly at home for it to fill out before showing off the fuzz to the world, maybe. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s looking snazzy in his tux, but… as five-o’clock shadows go, this has to be one of the least convincing. Of course, nobody in the world of mainstream Mandopop does whiskers like A-yue:


Aww, look at him smile (with the glasses off, too! A rare moment…). :)

Update: Oh! I broke one of the cardinal rules of Mandopop blogging when I posted this, and I’ve only just realized it. The rule is: Never, but never, mention Vanness Wu and Leehom Wang in the same post without linking to the boxing video. Because it is *always* a good time to revisit the sweaty, shirtless boxing. Whew, at least I remembered…

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