Cowboy Jay rides away with a Mayday song

Stop, thief! Okay, maybe it’s not so bad. The big story is that Jay’s new album has a song on it called “Time Machine (時光機).” As you no doubt recall, Mayday had both an album and a song called Time Machine that came out five years ago. Well, the press is writing stories about this as though titles can be copyrighted. The reality is that they can’t, and titles get repeated all the time. (For example, on the count of three, everyone sing the song “Rainbow (彩虹).” No, no, not the Mayday song, erm, or the Jay song, or the one by Wu Bai or even Yu Quan for that matter – I was thinking of the one by Power Station. I have a soft spot for that one, I don’t know why.) So meh, no big deal.

But, of course, Mayday answered questions about the situation anyway. (Hey, both Mayday and Jay have albums to promote now. I’m sure they’ll answer questions about anything if you’ll stand still long enough to listen.) Ashin says that Jay brought up the issue of the new song to them, and even suggested that the band make an appearance in the video, like Ashin with that “Mayday” song by the girl-group-who-shall-remain-nameless. The band is far too busy to take advantage of this opportunity, and so the world will have to continue to wait for the long-rumored Jay-Mayday collaboration. It looks like all that talk of Ashin writing some lyrics for Jay didn’t pan out either, actually. Ah well.

In other news, Mayday was at Hito radio dressed up like an alternative version of the Village People:


So, moving on. I’m leaving for Shanghai bright and early in the morning (too early… I’m regretting that whole “let’s maximize the time in the big city and get the early ticket” idea right now, and I’m sure I’ll regret it even more in the morning…) for the famed Music Man show. I’ve been preparing myself for the disappointment when Leehom inevitably a.) does not cover any song by Meredith Willson and b.) wears some pretty dodgy concert costumes in the name of looking superhero cool. Ah well, at least the man can sing…. Mainland punk band A-OK will be opening the show, so that should be interesting. The latest on Leehom was that when he arrived in Shanghai, he was embarrassed by the sheer number of fans at the airport to see Prison Break star Wentworth Miller (and not him), as they arrived at the same time. I don’t see what is so terribly embarrassing about that (especially if you’re just trying to slip into town for a concert for tens of thousands of fans), but I do find his choice of eyewear a bit embarrassing. Priorities, Leehom, priorities!!

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8 Responses to Cowboy Jay rides away with a Mayday song

  1. hobielover says:

    I have a soft spot for that Power Station song, too! I’m not sure why, it’s kind of weird, and I also like their cover of Jay’s “黑色幽默,” but that’s at least in part because I like the original so much.

    I was hoping for more from Jay’s “时光机,” but judging by what I’ve heard so far, it’s definitely not as good as “龙战骑士,” but my copy of Jay’s album won’t arrive until next week.

    I didn’t like the glasses, either. What happened to just wearing contacts? How can LeeHom do ads for the contacts when we’re finding pics of him wearing glasses?!

  2. Steve says:

    Hm, LeeHom looks none too happy there.

    BTW did you notice that Ashin somehow managed to incorporate … *dangling suspenders* into a space suit? Seems to me, if you somehow need suspenders with your space suit, it’s at least for holding your pants up. But then, I’m not Ashin…..

  3. Mich says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the Leehom show…

  4. Isabell says:

    omg. you’re so right about the suspenders.
    i’m not irritated by the suspenders but it seem like ashin has developed a GREAT liking towards it. *LOL*

  5. hobielover says:

    For some reason, I forgot to click on the link when I first read your post. Ashin playing with a cheling in a space suit is ridiculously funny! I also missed that “Live Long and Prosper” gesture. Is Ashin by any chance a Trekkie? It reminds me of that time when I saw Jay wearing a Spock shirt in an MV.

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