The sales squabble continued

I’ve been carefully saying that although JVR Music (Jay Chou’s company) has called for accuracy in sales figures, it has not directly accused Mayday of falsifying reports. I might have been a bit too optimistic:

“Mayday’s company ‘B’in Music’ recently announced at a press conference that sales of Mayday’s new album Poetry of the Day After have exceeded 137,050 copies, beating Jay Chou’s Capricorn, and temporarily taking the title of Taiwan’s top-selling record in 2008. Once this information was made public, it immediately sparked vehement concern from Jay’s ‘JVR Music.’ JVR Music stressed, ‘Not possible! How could Mayday have broken Jay Chou’s pre-orders record? This needs to be investigated, there’s no cause for bragging.’ It further stressed that President Chou’s sales figures are not faked, purchased, or inflated. However B’in Music refuted this with: ‘According to information from the business office, the official pre-orders passed 100,000 copies, and adding the first shipment of records, Mayday’s new album has already passed 130,000 copies.’

Here’s a question for you: it possible that they’re both right and they’re just comparing different figures (i.e. for different points in time or different points on the sales process)? As I noted in my last post on this issue, Mayday probably never had the most copies total at any given time, but I suspect they had a higher total number of albums sold in Taiwan for the first week on the charts than Jay. That would mean that they’re right that they out-sold Jay for that week, and Jay’s right that he’s outsold them overall.

Or am I still being too optimistic? I don’t really see any way for this to end well if it doesn’t end soon.

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8 Responses to The sales squabble continued

  1. rhea says:

    i’ve heard both quite a few times, and I really have to say that Jay’s latest is perhaps his most mediocre album to date. There’s alot of borrowed themes/background effects/ideas etc that are in direct relation to his past hits. Mayday’s on the other hand, becomes increasingly intriguing the more you hear it, and it’s obvious that its a very well crafted album. Based on that, i’m not surprised Mayday beat Jay. Jay needs to take an artistic break anyway, i think he’s reached a point where he’s having difficulty coming up with ground-breaking material…

  2. hobielover says:

    I have found something that seems to point to Jay himself not being upset over the sales figures. There’s a little audio clip on Jay2U of Jay acting as a DJ, you see, and the first song he played was his own “时光机,” but right after that, he introduced Mayday’s song of the same name. It has to be a rather recent clip, and it was just posted today. So, if Jay himself is mad about Mayday outselling him last week, why would he play one of their songs?

    I hope Jay’s company and Mayday’s company get things straightened out without any trouble between the artists.

  3. Merry says:

    Heh, hobielover, you might be even more optimistic than I am… doesn’t the “J” in JVR refer to Jay? If it was SonyBMG and Rock Records arguing about sales I’d agree, but I’m not sure how much Jay can claim that JVR doesn’t speak for him, same with Mayday and B’in Music. In both cases, the artists are the ones who founded the companies.

    If the whole thing ends quickly (and this is the last we ever hear about it), that’ll make it easier for Jay and Mayday to say it had nothing to do with them. Beyond that I don’t see how they could.

  4. random leon says:

    why is it so incredible to JVR that mayday is selling a lot of albums? and why are they obsessed with having the sales record? if your albums aren’t selling as well as other albums, maybe consider the outrageous, outlandish possibility that maybe perhaps maybe your album isn’t up to par? i hope this proves to be a wake-up call for jay to shift his focus back on actually making decent music.

  5. Jing says:

    In a world where sales no longer accurately measures the quality of the music, I’d say this whole argument is pointless and slightly childish.

    The time spent arguing about sales figures should be used instead in trying to produce better music, especially for Jay. If the time comes again when every song on his album gets through to people’s hearts without the use of music videos or excessive marketing, I’m sure he wouldn’t need to worry about another singer/band topping him in sales.

  6. Wenning says:

    Oh well, May Day has been selling out in quite a number of places in Singapore, people who were listening to them previously are buying the album so it is ture that they have been selling very well. I am also expecting them to continue selling well in the first quarter of 2009 as they are having more concerts after January.
    The music should be more important than sales figures but I am not seeing that in Jay’s new album. He seems more concerned about sales and how many expensive MVs he’s going to make. I was at this CD shop last night and May Day topped their best seller list with JJ Lin in the second place. Jay was third. So is JVR going to complain about JJ Lin too since he is distributed by a big record company? Probably not, as they are friends. The whole things is quite silly as JVR comes across as petty and arrogant. If I were their PR company, I would advise them not to say anything more damaging.

  7. Wenning says:

    true… typo typo orz

  8. hobielover says:

    @Merry: Yes, the “J” is for Jay, but the “V” is for Vincent Fang and the “R” is from JR Yang’s name. I suppose you are right about them being the founders of their respective companies. Even though JVR also has Nan Quan Mama and Gary Yang now, without Jay, there would be no JVR Music. I don’t know. Maybe the interviewers caught on of Jay’s employees on a bad day? In any case, I hope they didn’t really just say that, and this all just fades into the background. I also hope Jay sees the error of his ways and sees why Mayday’s album is selling so well. Perhaps S.H.E and Jolin have been a bad influence on him.

    I do agree that the whole thing is rather childish. Why should anyone be fighting for #1 on a chart on which, only a few weeks ago, S.H.E was #1?

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