He’s very clean…

Leehom has had a hard day’s night this week, off to Shanghai to do shampoo promotions, which in this case appeared to include him doing a fan’s hair, which is just weird. (Though not as weird as this picture accompanying the story… please tell me that this is a very, very old file photo.) He claims that he picked this particular fan out of the crowd because she was displaying some of the very characteristics he looks for in a girl. When asked what exactly he wants of his potential girlfriend, he listed a series of adjectives that came down to clean, neat, tidy and fastidious. Well cleanliness is next to godliness, you know. All I can say is that I like these adjectives better than “well-behaved” and “obedient,” but not as much as “smart” or “opinionated.”

In other Leehom-related developments, he is going to be appearing in a martial arts movie with Jackie Chan called Foot Soldier, Little General (大兵小将). The collaboration comes from a suggestion from Chan’s wife, who is apparently a Leehom fan; the two singers also met up at the Olympics closing ceremony in August. For Leehom’s part, he says he grew up watching Jackie Chan movies and looks forward to doing this one.

On the music end of things, Leehom’s new album should be out at the end of next week (I’ve seen December 5th, but don’t hold your breath – I’ve also seen early December as when pre-orders start); he acknowledges that it has been a long wait with an ever-changing release date, but he says that “real music is worth waiting for.” I hope the rest of the album is more like “real music” than “What’s With Rock” was.

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4 Responses to He’s very clean…

  1. Ling says:

    I just read news today that Leehom’s new album release date has been pushed to Dec 30th. Just how many times is he gonna postpone it?

  2. Merry says:

    Hmm, Dec. 30th now? That explains the “pre-orders start in December” thing. But now he’s only got one day after that to get a shot in all the awards ceremonies for 2008 releases (please Leehom, put out a good album before the end of the year and knock Cowboy Jay out of the running. Pretty, pretty please…). This album is supposedly all recorded and mixed now, so it’s hard to understand what the delay is all about.

  3. hobielover says:

    If it’s all recorded, isn’t he just inviting people to leak it?!

    Can’t get over the name for H&S in Chinese! It’s kind of weird. 😛 It makes me want to run around saying I use “Sea Flying Silk,” since I do. (It has nothing to do with LeeHom, though, just that flaky stuff.)

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