…and we’re still on the sales controversies

No Jay this time though, fortunately. Mayday has once again been accused of faking their sales figures, via an exclusive “scoop” from the Apple Daily, so take this for what it’s worth (i.e. news from a tabloid, though they are sometimes accurate). The accusation is that Mayday’s sales in Taiwan to date of 170,000 copies of the album are too high, that their multi-week success at G-Music and other charts was purchased by the company.

The root of the accusation seems to come from a claim that there are actually thousands of copies of the album sitting in the offices of the company in charge of the campus concerts; in other words, that those albums were “purchased” by the promotions company, not actual consumers.

B’in Music has refuted the charges, explaining that the albums were shipped through the record company and have been sold, copy by copy, to students. He noted that they’d finally manged to sell real copies to students, so it is disheartening to be misunderstood. He denied that the company has ever purchased chart spots. The promotions company also disputed the claim that the album was not selling, as did the person in charge of one of the campus concerts, noting that there was no question that album sales on the campus had surpassed the minimum level of 3,000.


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9 Responses to …and we’re still on the sales controversies

  1. sella says:

    so, it’s still going on, huh?
    i don’t know what to say, actually. but it’s annoying me, really.

  2. THEWORLD says:

    How come media likes to accuse people on buying or giving the fake sales number?


  3. Christine says:

    Haha can the public get some official sales sheets?! I feel like it’s the only way it’ll get resolved between Jay vs. Mayday.

    Btw, I’m Christine! I’m new to blogging. Do you mind if I link you?

  4. hobielover says:

    I don’t think that Mayday is the kind of band that would have to buy out spots on the charts. Sure, they’ve been at the top of the G-Music charts for almost all the 6 weeks it’s been listed, but it’s been a while since they released their last album. They have plenty of fans, and with the wait, they’ve likely made even more fans during their tour. Given that, the sales figures don’t seem unlikely at all.

    Anyways, after all of these articles saying that Ashin is pointing fingers at Jay and Jay is pointing fingers at Ashin with nothing official saying that either has actually said anything, I think we’ve come to a point where it’s obvious that these tabloid accounts are nothing more than that. I’m glad for once they aren’t claiming that Jay is saying it, but it’s obvious at this point that the reporters have nothing to do but go around pointing fingers, including ones that aren’t really theirs to point in the first place.

  5. Random Leon says:

    whereas jay has gained new fans and lost his old fans, mayday has gained new fans while retaining the old ones. i think that’s the difference with them this year.

  6. Merry says:

    I think this one fails the smell test (erm, just like all the other stories in this endless news cycle), because Mayday set the number of campus concerts based on the number of albums sold and negotiated locations based on sales; if the CDs were sitting in an office somewhere, not in student hands, then wouldn’t there be a visibly smaller crowd at the campus concerts? How on earth would anyone expect to get away with that?

    @Christine – wow, it looks like you’re doing a blog on Chinese music? You can link to me, if I can link to you!

  7. Random Leon says:

    hi Merry, after some contemplation, i think i found a mistake in one of your translations.

    for poetry of the day after, this line: “誰說不能讓我 此生唯一自傳 如同詩一般
    無論多遠未來 讀來依然一字一句一篇都燦爛” i don’t think the 一般 in there refers to “ordinary.” it’s probably the 一般 that means “the same as” (which is redundant with 如同 but i guess he needed to fill out the syllables). so the meaning of the whole line would be more like “who says my life can’t be like a poem that, no matter how far in the future, every word, every line, and every verse will be resplendent”

  8. Janie says:

    i agree with sella… it’s getting annoying. it’s sad how everyone is squabbling over the number of sales (for what? two months now?) instead of focusing on the music.

  9. Merry says:

    Random Leon – okay, that makes more sense. :) I’ll add it to my list of corrections. Thanks for taking the time to help!!

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