What is “One Day in May”? Well, it refers to my birthday, which is, naturally, on a day in May. It’s also a reference to my favorite Taiwanese band, Mayday (五月天).

This blog is a companion to my website, One Day in May, on which I’ve translated into English nearly all the songs by or connected to Mayday, along with selections from a half dozen other artists.

Comments are welcome under the entries, or via my email address: merry@onedayinmay.net. Occasionally comments take forever to show up. I’ve long since stopped trying to understand how my anti-spam software decides what to post immediately and what to hold for moderation… As long as the comment is legitimate, it will show up eventually, though. I promise.

Chinese is not my native language, and so on occasion things go horribly, tragically wrong in my translations. If you happen across one of these cases, please first forgive me, and then let me know.

A few reasonably arbitrary editorial choices:

1. I refer to Mayday’s drummer by the pinyin for his name, Guanyou. Before he changed his name a few years ago, his Chinese name was Yanming (諺明), shortened to just “Ming” in English. Much of the English material out there on the band continues to use this English name for him (or “Ryan” which I’d rather just ignore altogether), but I figure since he went to the trouble of changing his name, I’ll humor him and use the new one.

2. As far as I’m concerned, the English title of Mayday’s Fifth Album is “All God’s Children Can Dance,” in spite of the fact that the album’s “official” English title is “Falling Angels with a Flying Soul” and the Chinese title, 神的孩子都在跳舞, translates more directly to “All God’s Children Are Dancing.” I’ve explained why at the bottom of this page.

3. For simplicity’s sake, I refer to the lead singer of Mayday as Ashin, and the lead singer of the erstwhile Shin Band as simply Shin. The “official” English nickname for both men is Ashin (阿信), but when discussing both singers in a single entry, that gets pretty confusing. And, of course, I’m not willing to take up Shin on his suggestion that Ashin be known as “A-hong (阿宏).”

4. I’ve adopted sodagreen with some enthusiasm of late, and I am dutifully posting all relevant news here and working through their albums for song lyric translations on the main site. Although I realize their band name is “officially” spelled sans initial capital letter, I find this really, really hard… so sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I simply defy expectations and capitalize at will. Sorry. I spell the band members’ names however I feel like spelling them at the particular moment I’m writing, and I will continue to do so until someone comes out with an “official” set of English names for them or, more accurately, a set of “official” names that I like.

5. I’m now based in China, so updates come in Chinese Standard Time. This will, I expect, do away with all of the confusion that comes from posting about events that took place “tonight” eight hours before nightfall, a hazard with writing from the East Coast of the United States!


With my mom, also a Mayday fan, after the Toronto Jump! concert (okay, a day later – we were obedient and did not bring cameras):

Toronto Jump