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如煙 Like Smoke

詞:阿信 曲:石頭
Lyrics by Ashin, Music by Stone

I sit before the bed looking out the window, spending the day in memories; life is a resplendent illusion, time is a thief, stealing everything away

When I was seven I captured a cicada, thinking I could capture summer; when I was seventeen I kissed her face thinking we would last forever

Is there really that kind of forever, forever unchanging, the beauty we’ve once embraced never shattered

Make rapidly passing time unable to run wild on my face, make the separation of life and death distant, so no one can hear them

I sit before the bed turning my head to see who is asleep on the pillow, that ancient face appears to be me, tightly shut eyes

Those who once loved me, and who I loved deeply,  are all gathered by my side, I can’t take with me those regrets and sentiments, they all transform into that one last tear

Is there really that kind of tear that can wash away remorse, transform into a rainstorm falling on a street I can’t return to

Give me one more chance to rewrite the story, to offer the apology I've owed him all my life

Is there really that kind of world, where the sky never goes dark, the stars and sun and everything listens to my commands

The moon doesn’t wax and wane, spring isn’t far away, twigs hold tightly onto their leaves, can anyone hear me

Beside my ears, before my eyes, this life is lived over again, I came from the darkness and return to the darkness, a lifetime, a flash, between heaven an earth, next time who will I be

Is there really that kind of rose, that never fades away, forever proud and beautiful, forever uncompromising

Why does life turn out to be like a scrap of paper, not like a flower petal that was once splendorous

Is there really that kind of bookmark that can stop on that day, at that most innocent, smiling face and that most beautiful year

A backpack filled with cake and soda, eyes devoid of suspicion and wrong-doing, let us be outlaws

Is there really that kind of poem that doesn’t end, youth forever halted in our own time

Boys and girls with guitars and dancing shoes, laughing and forgetting life’s suffering, just knowing its sweetness

Is there really that kind of tomorrow, that lets me live all over again, to once again experience the yesterday I squandered

Whether surviving or living, I won’t waste a moment, won’t let this story be so filled with regrets

Can anyone hear me, I don’t want to say goodbye

I sit before the bed watching my fingertips already like smoke
我坐在床前 望著窗外 回憶滿天 生命是華麗錯覺 時間是 賊 偷走一切

七歲的那一年 抓住那隻蟬 以為能抓住夏天 十七歲的那年 吻過他的臉 就以為能和他永遠

有沒有那麼一種永遠 永遠不改變 擁抱過的美麗都 再也不破碎

讓險峻歲月不能在臉上撒野 讓生離和死別都遙遠 有誰能聽見

我坐在床前 轉過頭看 誰在沉睡 那一張蒼老的臉 好像是我 緊閉雙眼

曾經是愛我的 和我深愛的 都圍繞在我身邊 帶不走的那些 遺憾和眷戀 都化成最後一滴淚

有沒有那麼一滴眼淚 能洗掉後悔 化成大雨降落在 回不去的街

再給我一次機會 將故事改寫 還欠了他一生的 一句抱歉

有沒有那麼一個世界 永遠不天黑 星星太
陽萬物都 聽我的指揮

月亮不忙著圓缺 春天不走遠 樹梢緊緊擁抱著樹葉 有誰能聽見

耳際 眼前 此生重演 是我來自漆黑 而又回歸漆黑 人間 瞬間 天地之間 下次我 又是誰

有沒有那麼一朵玫瑰 永遠不凋謝 永遠驕傲和完美 永遠不妥協

爲何人生最後會像一張紙屑 還不如一片花瓣曾經鮮豔

有沒有那麼一張書籤 停止那一天 最單純的笑臉和 最美那一年

書包裡面裝滿了蛋糕和汽水 雙眼只有無猜和無邪 讓我們無法無天

有沒有那麼一首詩篇 找不到句點 青春永遠定居在 我們的歲月

男孩和女孩都有吉他和舞鞋 笑忘人間的苦痛 只有甜美

有沒有那麼一個明天 重頭活一遍 讓我再次感受曾 揮霍的昨天

無論生存或生活 我都不浪費 不讓故事這

有誰能聽見 我不要告別

我坐在床前 看著指尖 已經如煙

Language: Mandarin
Copyright 2008 by B'in Music, Rock Records
Translated by Merry

Notes: Thanks to migratory bird for help making much-needed corrections.